Senior Go! Inquiries

Beginning July 1, 2018, a new transportation service will be available to residents of SLO County 65 and older. SLOCOG understands seniors may have concerns about this and we are working diligently to solve the issues surrounding senior and specialized transportation services in SLO County. Please be assured that there will be no lapse in transportation services for seniors in SLO County.

The purpose of developing the Senior Go! program was, and is, to provide high-quality, dependable transportation that is cost-effective for seniors and taxpayers alike. The program was developed using a fully transparent, open bid process to procure services and SLOCOG is confident in the independent review committee’s selection of Ventura Transit System (VTS) as the broker. The review committee recommended Ventura Transit System (VTS) based on the profile of their firm, project approach and cost proposal. VTS was the only bidder to provide a complete assessment of all direct and indirect costs as requested in the RFP, ensuring clear accountability of public funds and sustainability of the program over time, one of the program’s primary goals.

In light of questions and concerns about the new service, SLOCOG wishes to clarify how the Senior Go! program will affect public transportation services for seniors in SLO County.

  1. The new service will have no effect on: Medi-Cal & CenCal shuttles, Veterans shuttles, Runabout ADA paratransit, Dial-a-Rides, or Ride-On’s Community Interaction Program (CIP).

  2. The new service will have no effect on private-pay rides booked directly with service providers.

  3. The new service will effect publicly funded senior transportation services in the following ways:

  • Seniors will call (805) 473-3333 to book a ride on Senior Go! through Ventura Transit System (VTS)

  • Seniors will be picked up and dropped off using the lowest-cost service provider available that meets the accessibility needs of the rider, brokered by VTS. Service providers include VTS, Ride-On, and taxis.

  • Seniors will pay a fixed-cost between $2.50 and $10 each way, based on mileage, regardless of the service provider: 

    • 0 – 5.0 Miles = $2.50

    • 5.1 – 10 Miles = $4.00

    • 10.1 – 20 Miles = $5.00

    • 20.1+ Miles = $10.00

  • Seniors can book a trip through Senior Go! up to 4 roundtrips per month. This ensures that Senior Go! services remain equitable, sustainable and serve as many seniors as possible in the region.

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