ITS: Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Development and Deployment

The broad heading, ITS, includes a wide variety of technologies and categories that use advanced computing, electronic and communications devices to improve operations, efficiency, and safety of our existing transportation system. ITS encompasses a myriad of devices that capture or disseminate information classified under several primary headings, such as: Traffic Management and Safety, Transit Management, Tourism and Traveler Information, and Emergency Management and Enforcement. Some expected benefits from ITS include: Travel time savings, accident rate reduction, improved transit customer services, and increased roadway capacity. 

Believe it or not, most of us encounter some form of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) on the Central Coast everyday. Perhaps you have seen a fire truck or ambulance trigger the signals to allow for its faster and safer travel. Emergency Vehicle signal preemption exists in every jurisdiction. Maybe you have experienced the flashing lights warning of pedestrians. Advanced crosswalks have found their way into most of our seven cities. Radar speed signs have popped up in multiple jurisdictions, and 24 hour real-time video of Route 101 is now accessible through Caltrans’ website ( Dailing 511 from any telephone also allows access to traveler information throughout the county. 

The Central Coast ITS Plan was completed in 2007. Information about the CCITS Plan process and implementation plan for San Luis Obispo County can be found on this page.

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