Land Acquisition

The regional emphasis regarding the preservation of open spaces and land conservation strategies has been on both fee and on non-fee acquisition preserva¬tion strategies for land protection while prioritizing investments in natural resources of statewide or regional significance. These include conservation for the protection of present and future water supply lands, estate planning, agricultural stewardship, and priority urban open spaces.

Some examples include: 

  • Public Access - Providing capital funds for the construction of public access stairs; trails, limited-mobil­ity-access projects, interpretive signs and other facilities that serve state and regional access needs.  (Moonstone Beach Boardwalk)

  • Resource Enhancement - Providing capital funds for the preservation, enhancement and restoration of wetlands, watersheds, riparian corridors, and other wildlife habitat lands. (Cayucos Bluffs)

  • Site Reservation - Providing capital funds to safeguard significant resource sites and responding to opportunities to acquire such sites when other agencies are unable to do so on their own. (Cayucos Bluffs, Fiscalini Ranch, Wild Cherry Canyon, Pismo Marsh Overlook, Elfin Forest, and Stadium Park)

  • Urban waterfronts - Provides capital funds to protect, restore and expand coastal-dependent rec­reation, and to expand opportunities for public access and use of urban waterfronts. (Morro Bay Boardwalk)

In recent years, existing revenue streams for these types of land acquisitions have dramatically reduced making the future funding scenarios for these types of projects more unlikely.

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