Census Data Center

SLOCOG is a member of the statewide Census Affiliate Data Center network whose goal is to assist in the dissemination and analysis of census data. A variety of SLOCOG publications and census data provide information of interest to the SLOCOG board for decision making. Census data is also used by local jurisdictions and agencies in their long range planning activities. Local businesses use census data to assess the demographic aspects of potential markets while non-profits use the information to understand their service population.

2020 Census

For information on local 2020 Census outreach, please visit the County of San Luis Obispo's webpage

2010 Census

As the regional Census Data Center Affiliate for San Luis Obispo County, SLOCOG keeps a wide range of data released from the 1990, 2000, and 2010 Censuses. SLOCOG also maintains a variety of census-related data and information, including reports, tables, digital data, and maps. SLOCOG also works with the US Census Bureau, local agencies, and the public on all census-related issues in the region.

Important Links:

2010 Census Website 
Promoting the collection and release of 2010 Census Data

American Fact Finder 
Downloadable data from the 2010 Census

SLOCOG Census Contact
Daniel Audelo


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