2010 Regional Transportation Plan/Preliminary Sustainable Communities Strategy (2010 RTP/PSCS)

The 2010 RTP update incorporates some of the requirements of the Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act (SB 375, enacted in 2008), which requires each of the 18 MPOs in California to develop a Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) as a fourth element of the Regional Transportation Plan (to go along with the existing Policy, Action, and Financial elements). SLOCOG was not required to develop an SCS as part of this RTP update, and therefore did not include all the requirements of SB 375. As such, the planning document has been termed a Preliminary Sustainable Communities Strategy.

Plan Document

Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Chapter 1 - Introduction and Overall Transportation System
Chapter 2 - Preliminary Sustainable Communities Strategy
Chapter 3 - Transportation Demand Management / Transportation Systems Management
Chapter 4 - Highways, Streets and Roads
Chapter 5 - Public Transportation
Chapter 6 - Non-Motorized Transportation
Chapter 7 - Performance Indicators
Chapter 8 - Financial Strategies
Appendices A through F, and Appendix H
Appendices G (Consolidated Regional Project List, Excel version)


Highways, Streets and Roads
Map 4-1: North County Highway and Roadway Projects (46.6 MB)
Map 4-2: Central County Highway and Roadway Projects (51.8 MB)
Map 4-3: South County Highway and Roadway Projects (38.3 MB)
Map 4-4: North Coast Highway and Roadway Projects (32.4 MB)

Public Transportation 
Map 5-1: 2010 Regional Transit Network (Existing Service)
Map 5-2: 2035 Regional Transit Network (Scenario 1: Achievable - Moderate)
Map 5-3: 2035 Regional Transit Network (Scenario 2: Achievable - Aggressive)
Map 5-4: 2035 Regional Transit Network (Scenario 3: Supplemental Funding)

Non-Motorized Transportation 
Map 6-1: Regional Trails Corridors (4.3 MB)
Map 6-2: North County Non-Motorized Projects (24.4 MB) 
Map 6-3: Central County Non-Motorized Projects (24.3 MB)
Map 6-4: South County Non-Motorized Projects (21.9 MB)
Map 6-5: North Coast Non-Motorized Projects (15.5 MB)

2010 RTP/PSCS (entire document) (15.8 MB)
Note: Does not include Appendix G

2010 RTP/PSCS Final EIR (entire document) (6.9 MB)

Draft EIR Volume I (Environmental Documentation) (18.2 MB)
Draft EIR Volume II (Technical Appendices) (10.8 MB)

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