Unmet Transit Needs

SLOCOG is accepting Unmet Transit Needs requests for FY 2022/23 through Wednesday, February 9, 2022.


An additional role of SLOCOG, as the administrator of Transportation Development Act (TDA) funds for San Luis Obispo County, is to perform the annual Unmet Transit Needs study. The purpose of this study is to ensure that any unmet transit needs that are found reasonable to meet are met before TDA funds are expended for non-transit uses, such as streets and roads.

A request must meet all of the four (4) adopted criteria if it is to be determined an "unmet need":

  • the request fills gap in service or is identified as a deficiency

  • sufficient broad-based community support is demonstrated

  • the request is a current need

  • the request is for new or expanded service

In addition, an unmet need must meet all of the following four (4) adopted criteria in order for it to be deemed "reasonable to meet":

  • the request is projected to generate the required farebox recovery ratio

  • service will not involve funding from a non-served entity

  • service is comparable with similar transit services

  • the request is fundable with existing TDA funds

Finally, the study entails a comprehensive Needs Assessment and a public outreach program and public hearing to obtain testimony on any transit deficiencies that exist. Once the testimony is obtained, it is analyzed to determine if there are any transit needs that meet the adopted criteria for "unmet transit needs" and "reasonable to meet". This analysis report, called the Unmet Transit Needs Assessment, is reviewed by the Social Services Transportation Advisory Council, which provides a recommendation for unmet transit needs findings to the SLOCOG Board of Directors. This information is then provided to the SLOCOG Board, which makes one of the following findings:

  • There are no unmet transit needs.

  • There are no unmet transit needs that are reasonable to meet.

  • There are unmet transit needs that are reasonable to meet.

If the Board determines there are unmet transit needs that are reasonable to meet, the affected jurisdiction must satisfy those needs before any TDA funds may be expended for non-transit purposes.

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