Public Transit

Twelve public transit and paratransit providers serve San Luis Obispo County. Most of these services can be categorized as fixed-route bus systems, general public paratransit systems or specialized services. Services are available to connect communities regionally and locally. Current studies, surveys, and reports are available below. For more specific information on transit providers and services, please visit the SLO Regional Rideshare website. 

The San Luis Obispo Regional Transit Authority (RTA), the transit grant administrator for the City of Atascadero relies upon SLOCOG the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to meet public participation requirements for the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Program of Projects. A current listing of all transit projects can be viewed in the Group Lump Sum listing of the FTIP.

Transit Reports

2020 SLO Regional Zero Emissions Bus Implementation Plan (related: APCD Zero Emission Vehicle Readiness Implementation Plan

2019 Transit Needs Assessment Update

2015 Coordinated Human Services Public Transportation Plan

2015 Ride-On Transportation Strategic Plan

2013 San Luis Obispo Highway 101 Regional Bus Rapid Transit Applications Study

2013 North Coast Transit Surveys & Appendices

2011 Regional Transit Authority Route 10 Passenger Surveys 

2009 Region-wide Fare Improvement Study

2006 Coordinated Maintenance and Dispatch Facility Study (Phase II)

Additional Documents

Ride-On 2019 Annual Report

For Short Range Transit Plans see this page

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