US Highway 101

Highway 101 is the north-south backbone of interregional and subregional circulation in SLO County. It runs for 69 miles from the Santa Barbara county line to the Monterey county line, crossing the Santa Lucia Mountain Range at the approximate mid-point of the county on Cuesta Pass. Highway 101 is a four lane facility throughout most of the county, with the exception of the six-lane segment over the Cuesta Pass, which has a grade in excess of 7 percent. Highway 101 accomodates interregional, regional, and local traffic and provides a direct link between six of the seven incorporated cities in the county. Trip purposes along the corridor include personal mobility relating to business and government activities, recreation, tourism, and journey to work. The corridor also accomodates goods movement related to commerce and maunfacturing, and trucks moving freight, agricultural products, hazardous materials, and livestock.

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