State Route 227

Increased traffic congestion and safety concerns along Hwy 227 between Tank Farm Road and Los Ranchos Road led the SLOCOG Board in June 2015 to fund an operational analysis of the 227 corridor. This study explores short- and longer-term improvements to address traffic congestion, side street access, multimodal conditions, and safety in the corridor. Public input, along with traffic data and analysis, informed the study’s suggested solutions.

The SLOCOG Technical Transportation Advisory Committee and Citizens’ Transportation Advisory Committee reviewed a draft of the study on July 20 and on September 28. The SLOCOG Board reviewed a staff report and executive summary of the revised draft on October 12. The Board voted to release a final draft study for a public comment period to end on November 16, 2016, and scheduled the study for consideration of adoption at the December 7, 2016, meeting. 

The SLOCOG Board approved the study on December 7, 2016. The next steps are to begin the preliminary engineering phase for the short term priority projects, subject to funding. This will involve collaboration and communication between the County of San Luis Obispo, Caltrans, SLOCOG, other agencies, and the public.

Final State Route 227 Operations Study 1-17-17
Final Technical Appendices 1-17-17
Previous Study Versions:

Final Draft State Route 227 Operations Study 10-12-16

Final Draft Technical Appendices 10-12-16

Draft State Route 227 Operations Study Rev. 7-18-16

Appendices (Draft) Rev. 7-18-16

Preferred concept simulation video using AM Peak traffic projections in 2035 - Click here to view >>

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