Highway 46

State Route 46 is the major east-west corridor in San Luis Obispo County that connects the Central Valley to the Central Coast. The highway traffic is largely interregional and serves a substantial amount of recreational, tourist and truck traffic to and from the Central Valley. Three primary issues of concern along Highway 46 were identified in SLOCOG's 2010 Regional Transportation Plan and subsequent Board action. Those include:

  • Improving the highway to 4-lane Expressway standards from Airport Road east to the County line

  • Improving the two interchanges with US 101 to ensure acceptable operations

  • Improving the highway within the urbanized area of Paso Robles to endure acceptable operations

Given these issues of concern, SLOCOG has been working with both Caltrans and the City of Paso Robles to make many improvements to Highway 46. Those include:

  • US 101 / SR46W interchange project (view project concept video)

  • Widening of Highway 46 East

  • Union Rd/46E interchange improvements

  • Parallel route improvements

Additional Information

US 101/SR 46W Roundabout Interchange Feasibility Report 2019

US 101/SR 46W Interchange Environmental Assessment 2008

Route 46/41 Wye Operational/Safety Improvements Fact Sheet

46 E Corridor System Management Plan

46 E Comprehensive Corridor Study (5 miles)

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