Regional Growth Forecasts

Forecasting and analyzing population, housing and employment growth is a key early step in the transportation planning process. SLOCOG periodically updates the regional growth forecast about every three or four years to provide an updated picture of anticipated growth in the region.

The final draft of the 2050 Regional Growth Forecast was reviewed and considered for adoption by the SLOCOG board on Wednesday, June 7th, 2017 and was revised at the December board meeting to reflect better employment data. This most recent forecast report provides the population, housing unit, household, and employment projections for the San Luis Obispo region to 2050. The report includes a comprehensive discussion of issues impacting growth in the region, as well as a growth forecast study to provide historical trend data for factors that may impact current and future growth in the region.

A Data Appendix was also developed for the report, which provides supplemental information to help outline factors that inform potential future growth trends in San Luis Obispo County.

Below you will find three long-range regional growth forecast reports for the San Luis Obispo region:

For more information on the regional growth forecast report, please contact Daniel Audelo at (805) 781-5724, email:

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