Disadvantaged Communities

The following map depicts the regionally defined Disadvantaged Communities in the San Luis Obispo Region.

SLOCOG uses the following definition of disadvantaged communities:

In the San Luis Obispo Region, disadvantaged communities are defined as disproportionately burdened areas that are economically distressed and/or historically underrepresented as a part of the local government process.

The Disadvantaged Communities Assessment identifies 13 variables that address a wide range of socioeconomic and population-based factors to geographically define these disproportionately-burdened areas. The 13 variables are:

  • Racial Minority

  • Ethnic Minority

  • Disability Status

  • Household Income

  • Free or Reduced-Price Meals

  • Educational Attainment

  • Language Proficiency

  • Renter Affordability

  • Housing Ownership Affordability

  • Older Adults: Age 75 Years and Older

  • Youth: Age 15 Years and Under

  • Households with No Vehicle Available

  • Households with No Computing Device Available

Based on the State’s definition of disadvantaged communities, no census tracts within the SLO region are designated as disadvantaged communities. Creating a regional definition of disadvantaged communities for the San Luis Obispo region allows SLOCOG to better compete for grant funding, distribute funds more equitably, and meet the state and federal environmental justice requirements. The Disadvantaged Communities Assessment was approved by the SLOCOG Board for use in the 2023 RTP and the 2022 Programming Cycle on June 2nd, 2021.

Notes: Click the expand icon External link font awesome from the bottom right corner of the map to expand it to a new window. Click the layer list icon Font Awesome 5 solid layer-group to select variables or Th large font awesome to change the basemap. Click the legend icon PICOL icon List to view the legend.

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