SLOCOG’s goal is to maintain and enhance the regional aviation system serving all the people of the region and integrate the system with all other modes of transportation. Well-planned and operated airports are models for multi-modal transportation facilities. They provide an easy transition from one mode of transportation to another, an interface of mass transit, trains, planes and vehicles. The San Luis Obispo region has three publicly owned airports: the San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport, a (CS) Commercial Service facility operated by the county; Paso Robles Municipal Airport, a (GA) General Aviation facility operated by the City of Paso Robles; and Oceano Airport, A (BU) Basic Utility, general aviation facility owned by the County and operated by a cencessionaire.

For several years SLOCOG has worked in partnership with County airport management to attract new air service providers, and to plan appropriate infrastructure improvements. In 2003 SLOCOG conducted an analysis of the impact of Regional Jets on the air service market and implications to the San Luis Obispo region. The study identified key industry trends and resulted in the extension of runway 11-29 in the SLO Airport Master Plan Update. The airport, with SLOCOG support, subsequently submitted and secured a Federal Aviation Administration grant to extend the runway. In 2007, the San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport runway extension was completed to accommodate regional jets and to increase load capacity on warmer days for other carriers. 

This element was developed through discussions with airport managers, reviews of the California Aviation System Plan (CASP), monitoring airport master plan development, and in developing the region's Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The CASP is the vehicle by which the California Department of Transportation conducts continuous aviation system planning. SLOCOG’s primary role in the CASP process is working with the three airports on the biennial capital improvement program, which requires regional approval before the projects can be considered for state funding. SLOCOG also provides a regional forum to assist airports with retaining/expanding passenger services, and attracting federal grants.

Airport Ground Access Plan

This Study analyzes the ease of airport ground access in San Luis Obispo County (San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport, Paso Robles Municipal Airport, and Oceano County Airport). A discussion considering the three county airports explores in-progress and proposed projects that affect access to the airport, existing wayfinding signage and more. Recommendations are made to improve ground access for each airport.  


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