Sidewalks and pedestrian walkways are a critical component of the intermodal transportation system. All trips begin and end in pedestrian trips. A lack of facilities results in safety and access problems between travel modes. Walking is also a viable transportaiton mode for primary trips of a mile or less for most people. A more complete system of pedestrian facilities can foster increased walking and reduced vehicle trips, while streetscapes also enhance the downtown cores and increase safety for pedestrians and bicylists by reducing vehicle speeds that create visual friction. 

SLOCOG provides pedestrian enhancements by planning and programming for walkways, sidewalks and streetscapes. Specifically:

Improvements in school zones: Sidewalks and pedestrian walkways in and around school zones increase the sense of safety for parents and students and increase the likelihood of students using these facilities. SLOCOG has programmed millions of dollars of Federal Safe Routes to School grants for infastructure projects and overseen both Federal and Transportation Enhancement grants as part of its non-infastruture (outreach and promotion) Safe Routes to School program that is managed by SLO Regional Rideshare.

Downtown Streetscapes: Streetscape enhancements include bulb-outs, refuge and planted medians, bike lanes, street lighting, benches, trash cans and improved bus stop amenities. SLOCOG has worked on streetscape projects in Grover Beach (Grand Avenue enhancements), Pismo Beach (Shell Beach Road enhancements), San Luis Obispo (Broad Street Corridor plan, 227), Atascadero (El Camino Real enhancements), and Paso Robles (Uptown/Town Center specific plan), San Miguel and Cambria.

Boardwalks & Promenades: Boardwalks improve the recreational pedestrian experience and encourage a vibrant coastal experience whether it is within a city or along an undeveloped coastline. Recent projects include the Pismo Beach Promenade, Morro Bay Harborwalk, Grover Beach State Park Trail and the Moonstone Beach boardwalk. 

Complete Streets: As SLOCOG plans, coordinates and funds street improvements it strives to ensure that the needs of all users of the system are addressed. This includes consideration for pedestrians, such as sidewalks, crosswalks and signals. 

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