A bikeway is a road, path or way which in some manner is specifically designated as being open to bicycle travel, regardless of whether such facilities are designated for the exclusive use of bicycles or are to be shared with other transportation modes. 

SLOCOG supports and promotes bicycling as a viable transportation choice. Because consistent standards increase safety and regional connectivity, SLOCOG is responsible for approving Bicycle Transportation Plans. 

SLO Regional Bike and Pedestrian Count Report (2020)

People for Bikes – Bicycle Network Analysis Report (2020)

SLOCOG Bike Barriers Survey Analysis Report (2013)

Bike Plans (by jurisdiction)

Caltrans D5 Active Transportation Plan

Arroyo Grande Bicycle & Trails Master Plan

Atascadero Bicycle Plan

Grover Beach Bicycle Master Plan

Morro Bay Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan

Northern SLO County Coastal Trail Master Plan

Paso Robles Bicycle Plan

Pismo Beach Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

SLO City Bicycle Transportation Plan

SLO County Bikeways Plan

Bikeway Facility Definitions

Class I: Bike path that provides a completely separated facility designated for the exclusive use of bicycles and pedestrians with motorist cross-flows minimized. Regional examples that SLOCOG has worked with the jurisdictions to build include Bob Jones Bike Path and Santa Maria River Bridge Bike Path. 

Class II: Bike lane that provides a restricted right-of-way designated for the exclusive or semi-exclusive use of bicycles with travel by motor vehicles or pedestrians prohibited.  Cross-flows by pedestrians and motorists are permitted with the lane. Regional examples that SLOCOG has worked with every jursidiction in our region to create more Class II bike lanes. 

Class III: Bike route that provides a right-of-way designated by bike route signs and is shared with motorists. These routes provide direct routes for commuting and/or continuous link between Class I and II bikeways. Class III bikeways may or may not provide striped shoulders or a wide curb lane. A good example of a Class III bike route in our region is Hwy 1. 

Sharrows: A Class III design that aims to improve cyclists' and motorists' understanding of the rights of bicyclists in the bikeway and clearly identifies the safest place in the route to ride through shared lane markings.

Bicycle Boulevard: An existing road/street that is prioritized for bicyclists by limiting vehicular travel. 


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