Meetings & Agendas

SLOCOG and the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) share the same board of directors and trade off meeting times every month. SLOCOG generally has board meetings in January, February, April, June, August, October and December. Occasionally, SLOCOG will hold an off-month meeting immediately following a regularly scheduled RTA meeting. 

In preparation for board meetings, SLOCOG staff takes the agenda to the SLOCOG Executive Committee (SLOCOG's President, Vice-President and most recent past President) for review and approval. SLOCOG staff then meets with three advisory committees to further review and vet the agenda before it goes to the full board for review. 

For dates of meetings and agendas, please follow these links:

Other Standing Committees
Several other standing committees meet on an ad hoc basis to discuss issues of particular concern to their area of interest or as referred by the full SLOCOG board. These committees include: an administrative committee (consisting of all city managers and the county’s administrative officer); a Legal Committee (consisting of SLOCOG’s legal counsel and the attorneys of members agencies); and a Planning Committee (consisting of the planning directors of each member agency).

Statutory Requirement
All SLOCOG executive committee, advisory committees and full board meetings are open to the public. The Brown Act requires at least 72 hours public notice citing the time, date, and location before regular meetings. SLOCOG policy for posting public notices for meetings shall be seven days in advance of the meeting. SLOCOG shall circulate a short agenda for posting without support documents at the City County Library, South County Library, Atascadero Library, the County Government Center, and members of the public (upon request). Each advisory committee agenda shall include a brief narrative describing the purpose and role each committee plays in the decision making process

SLOCOG and RTA past meetings can be viewed HERE or go to the slo-span website at for live telecast on the day of the meetings.

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