Work Program

Each year, SLOCOG develops an Overall Work Program (OWP). This work program describes proposed activities for the upcoming fiscal year. The OWP is a constantly changing document; work changes occur during the year to reflect priority, funding and staffing changes. As a working document, the OWP must be amended prior to making changes in work scope, budget, due dates, etc. An amendment process allows changes to be made up until April 1st of each fiscal year. After that, amendments are not processed without an exceptional circumstance. Because of the comprehensive nature of the requirements for the OWP as a funding application, the OWP also serves as the annual blueprint for agency activities during the fiscal year. It includes much more than the required state and federal fund usage; it reflects how the overall resources of the agency will be expended. The budget and OWP are developed along the same time frame and adopted at the same time. The budget document, while separate from the OWP, is a mirror image of the direct costs of the agency.

For more detailed information on what we do, please see the following documents:

2021/2022 Adopted Overall Work Program (OWP)

2020/2021 Overall Work Program (OWP) Amendment 3

2020/2021 Overall Work Program (OWP) Amendment 2

2020/2021 Overall Work Program (OWP) Amendment 1

2020/2021 Adopted Overall Work Program (OWP)

2019/2020 Adopted Overall Work Program (OWP)

Title VI Plan

2020 Strategic Plan

SLOCOG Audits:

2021 SLOCOG Audit GPFS

2021 SLOCOG Single Audit

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