SLOCOG holds several designations that give it the authority to allocate funding and plan for a variety of projects that affect the seven incorporated cities and the unincorporated areas of San Luis Obispo County.

Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA): As the RTPA, SLOCOG is responsible for conducting a comprehensive, coordinated transportation program; developing a long range inter-modal transportation plan, a 20-year planning document updated every four years; programming of state funds for transportation projects; and the administration and allocation of transportation development act funds required by state statutes.

Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO): As the MPO, the agency is responsible for all transportation planning and programming activities required under federal law. This includes the development of long-range transportation plans and funding programs, and the selection and approval of transportation projects using federal funds.

Regional Census Data Affiliate (CDA): SLOCOG has been designated by the State Department of Finance to serve as the Census Data Affiliate (CDA) Center for San Luis Obispo County. As such, SLOCOG serves as the conduit for government and public access to census data and the analysis of census data as it relates to San Luis Obispo County.

Service Authority for Freeways and Expressways (SAFE): This designation gives SLOCOG the authority to run the countywide Call Box Program and Freeway Service Patrol Program. The system is financed by a $1 per year registration fee on all motor vehicles in SLO County.

Regional Housing Needs Allocation: SLOCOG allocates the need for housing units assigned by the State Department of Housing over a seven-year period.


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