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The Juan Bautista de Anza Trail corridor is a 1,200 mile trail extending from Nogales, Arizona to San Francisco, California and is based on the travel route taken by 240 individuals in 1774-1776 to establish a settlement in San Francisco. Information about the full trail as well as the stops in San Luis Obispo County can be found here:


Edna - Price Canyon Trail

This portion of the trail corridor will connect Pismo Beach to San Luis Obispo. On March 2, 2016, the Edna-Price Canyon Trail Feasibility Study was adopted by the SLOCOG Board.  Thank you to everyone who attended workshops, took the survey, left a comment on our online mapping tool, or otherwise gave feedback.


* The Board resolution allowed for minor, technical adjustments to be made to the adopted study.  If adjustments are needed, a final version will be posted here.

Updated Segment 4 alignment maps (2-18-16):

Sheet 14: Southern portion of AGOF

Sheet 15: Northern portion of AGOF

DRAFT STUDY, 1-22-16
DRAFT STUDY , 1-15-16 (tracked changes, excludes maps/appendices)
DRAFT STUDY, 10-9-15

Also, check out the ONLINE MAPPING TOOL to view primary and alternate route alignments.

Please provide your comments on the final draft study by January 8, 2016. The SLOCOG Board will consider adoption of the study at its February 3, 2016, meeting.

The overall goal of the project is to prepare a Trail Master Plan for a multi-purpose trail between San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach through Edna Valley and Price Canyon. The planning process for the project is expected to be conducted between January 2015 and December 2015, with two rounds of public workshops. The end product will be possible trail alignments, initial design of the trail, and segments that have potential to be built in the near future. The Edna Price Valley Trail project will involve assessing the existing conditions, analyzing opportunities and constraints, and developing design criteria, a draft trail alignment and alternatives as well as developing an implementation strategy. 

Past Presentations:
Other ways you can get involved:
Other SLO Anza Trails include:
  • Salinas River Anza Trail: This trail is within the Anza trail corridor between Paso Robles and Santa Margarita. The trail plan was completed in 2014. Read the full plan and the appendices.

  • Railroad Safety Trail: This SLO City-led project is a portion of the trail that runs from the SLO train station to Orcutt Road and will hopefully one day serve as a connector to the Coastal Trail and eventually the Chorro Valley trail. For more information, please click here.    

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